Coop Objectives



Coop research is divided into a number of objectives, which have changed throughout the years as they have been completed or new problems arise. The current objectives for the 2017-2021 five-year cycle are:


I.     Develop improved treatments for internal decay in utility poles

II.    Develop methods for preventing decay in field drilled bolt holes

III.   Evaluate external barriers, preservative pastes and bandages

IV.   Improve specifications of wood poles

V.    Evaluate capability of non-destructive pole inspection devices

VI.   Performance of topical fire retardants under field conditions

VII.  Assess potential for preservative migration from poles in storage and in service

VIII. Identify methods for effectively recycling post-service utility poles and crossarms

IX.   Develop readily accessible information on various aspects of wood pole management

X.    Develop information on above ground issues in aging utility structures and identify solutions

XI.   Assess the benefits of maintenance decisions over multiple inspection cycles

XII.  Assess the effects of solvent additives on preservative performance


UPRC research led to the development of pole fumigants and we continue to test new and existing formulations. Recent work has led to specifications for throughboring poles and we continue to conduct novel studies to enhance wood durability. 

The most recent two Coop Annual Reports are restricted to members only, but previous reports as well as journal publications are available for download or ordering.